In order to make the fiesta livelier, there would be side events / concurrent activities held once the hot air balloons take to flight. With these activities, you will be entertained and there are avenues where you can learn about other aviation sports besides the hot air balloon.

Tethered hot air balloon rides

  • 5 hot air balloons for tethered rides for the public
  • Operating hours from 8.00am – 11.00am and 6.00pm – 9.00pm daily during event
  • Pre Booking Arrangement is NOT ALLOWED due to limited tickets
  • Ticket counter opens from 7.30 am for morning session & 5.30 pm for evening session
  • Tickets: RM10 for adults and RM5 for children
  • The maximum quantity an individual can purchase is 4 tickets
  • The minimum height requirement is 4 ft
  • Tethered Hot Air Balloons Rides will be subjected to weather condition

Para-motors show

Remote control aircraft flying display

Kite flying

Helicopter rides

  • Spectacular view around Putrajaya in 5-7 mins
  • 4 seater excluding pilot (Sabah Air Team)
  • RM130 per person
  • Operating Hours : 9.00 AM - 12.00 PM & 1.00 PM - 4.00 PM
  • Date : 19th & 20th March (Saturday & Sunday)
  • You can start booking now by clicking on the right column 'Registration for HELICOPTER RIDE'
  • Helicopter Joy Ride will be subjected to weather condition

Outdoor games for children

  • Inflatables, Clowns, Magic Shows & Sphere Rides

Extreme games

  • Paintball
  • Wall Climbing
  • Zorbing
  • Archery

Carnival Favourites & Funfair booths 

  • Face Painting, Sand Arts for Kid's, Mehendi Art Painting for
    children & women, Cool Stick-on Tattoos, and many more.

  • Balloon Pilot of 10 years
  • Registration : F-GOOP
I studied and was employed by the government as a sport teacher before I became involved in tourism.
I also coached the 3rd league division handball team in the Vogean area (east of France) for several years.
Among many other sports I practised sailing and windsurfing and I am also a deep diver. This is to say I am specially attracted by sea and wind.
I met the balloon in 1997, soon passed my pilot licence, then created a non-profit organisation to share my pleasure with others.
I like challenges and this is another reason for my attraction to the balloon, especially to the mountain flights which demand skill, awareness and a good assessment of the winds.
I like adventure and discovering: new countries, meeting new people, flying from different places. For me ballooning is an addiction, not a business and meetings are really the right place to fulfill my expectations: challenge, sharing and discovering.
If I were to keep in mind some of my best flights and meetings, I would name:
  • Mountain flights over the French Alps
  • The very beautiful "Trophée François 1er" over the Chateaux of the Loire valley in France And abroad
  • Paestum and Fragneto Monforte, near Naples, Italy, which I've been attending to for a few years now and last but not least:
  • Pattaya in Thailand
  • And Putrajaya with the wonderful Malaysian hospitality and friendship
  • Balloon Pilot of 14 years
  • Registration : N2787D
 I have been a pilot for 14 years, and have travelled all over the world flying balloons. We have flown the last 2 years at the Putrajaya festival and loved it. We are looking forward to returning.
  • Balloon Pilot of 12 years
  • Registration : D-ONIX
I´m infected by the ballooning – virus since 1992 and balloonpilot since 12 years.
The history of ballooning is the early history of aviation itself. There is something about a hot air balloon that is intriguing, captivating and awe-inspiring. Perhaps it has to do with man and woman's fascination with flight since the beginning of time
Unfortunately I was never in Malaysia.
I want to know country, culture and people.
I´ve heard a lot of positive about Malaysia. Hospitality, beautiful landscapes and nice food.
I want to experience that live in Malaysia.
I love ballooning and I love travelling. Both can be combined very well. I have been ballooning in many European countries and even on other continents. I was ballooning in Canada, USA, Mexico, Chile, Thailand and in Africa.
With highlights crossing the alps, flying in the Atacama-dessert and the Mass-Ascensions during the balloonfiesta in Albuquerque New-Mexico.
I look forward to Malaysia.
  • Balloon Pilot of 31 years
  • Registration : JA-A1004
Achievement Records :
  • World Air games champion 2001
  • 8 times Japan Grand Prix champion
  • World Grand Prix champion 2000
  • First maiden flight over Bering sea from Russia to Alaska 1992
  • Balloon Pilot of 19 years
  • Registration : F-GNGE
Aeroplane Pilot since 1984
Hot air balloon Pilot since 1992
Member of French Team
Fly in Europe, South América, Asia
  • Balloon Pilot of 30 years
  • Registration : JA-A1041
I would like to show the DORAEMON balloon to Malaysia people.
  • Balloon Pilot of 35 years
  • Registration : N105PL
Interested in sharing my joy and passion for Ballooning to new people the world over!
  • Owner of Cameron Balloons New Mexico, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA: Authorized representative for Cameron Balloons US, Ann Arbor, Michigan and Cameron Balloons Ltd. Bristol, England
Frank Wechter
Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA
  • Awards: 1992 AIBF Overall Winner 1997 New Mexico State Hot Air Balloon Champion Commercial Hot Air, Gas, & Fixed Wing Pilot
  • Co-originator of: AIBF Special Shape Rodeo, Hands Across America Balloon Rally, Whole Enchilada Balloon Rally, Dubai Balloon Fiesta
  • CIA Notable Flight recipient
  • Member:  BFA, AAAA, Top Gun, BBAC
  • Round the World Teams-Global Hilton, Spirit of Peace
  • LTA Safety investigator NTSB
  • Design Team Member and consultant to AIBF Balloon Fiesta Park, AAIB Museum and NOAA
The Winds have taken Frank from the Moors of Scotland to the jungles of Mexico. He began flying balloons in 1974 and has instructed over 100 pilots in the art of aerostation. He has flown in 48 US states and 59 countries. He has operated balloons for Nikon, Midcap Bearing, Uncle Ben's Rice, Southwest Airlines, Emirates Airlines and Global Media Box. He is an authorized Representative for both Cameron Balloons US and Cameron Balloons Ltd-Bristol England.
This past August 2010, Frank logged his 5000th LTA flight hour.
He currently is on a World Tour representing Emirates Airlines, Dubai, U.A.E., promoting their new fleet of Airbus A-380s around the world. He also owns and operates the "Worlds Biggest Shopping Bag" Special Shape Balloon.
Frank received his Gas Balloon certificate in 1999 from Richard Abruzzo. His best effort in the Americas Challenge Gas Race to date took him from Albuquerque, New Mexico to Franklin, Georgia in 66 hours 44 minutes.
  • Balloon Pilot of 11 years
  • Registration : G-BXOW
I will be flying in Malaysia for the 4th time, I was lucky to be involved on the first Putrajaya balloon meet and fell in love with the Malaysians from the first time. Thanks of the great organization of Khairudin and Maimoon I was able to return on the next events.
Malaysia is a great country to fly a balloon, last year in Kedah I was even able to make a landing in a paddy field ! A lot of fun with our crew !! 
  • Balloon Pilot of 21 years
  • Registration : OO-BQZ
Why not to go to Malaysia :)
  • Balloon Pilot of 12 years
  • Registration : 10611
Everybody says that I am an amazing guy!! I really enjoy flying in a lot of different balloon meetings. My first experience in Malaysia last 2 years was so nice, the organization team was very efficient and gentle, so I’m happy to come back.
  • Balloon Pilot of 5 years
  • Registration : HB-QLM
  • Balloon Pilot of 25 years
  • Registration : OO-BZA
  • Balloon Pilot of years
  • Registration : VN-CAT
  • Balloon Pilot of years
  • Registration : VN-5
  • Balloon Pilot of years
  • Registration : VN-4
  • Balloon Pilot of years
  • Registration : VN-3
  • Balloon Pilot of years
  • Registration : VN-2
  • Balloon Pilot of 18 years and 19 years
  • Registration : PH-OHI
Miriam: I'm coming from The Netherlands, the land of the tulipbulbs and windmills. When I was at the age of 4 years I was already involved with ballooning. Because my father had his pilot license I inherited the same interest on ballooning. At the age of 16 I became one of the crew members and soon after that I got my driving license, so I was part of the retrieve crew. Off course I had to finish school and started a study Economics close to my home. After this study I went to the University of Nijmegen and studied Law. But soon I discovered I wanted to join my father in the office. Only 6 months I worked at a law firm and made a choice to work in the ballooning company. Now I'm responsible for the commercial business. During summer (when the weather in the Netherlands is perfect to fly) you can find me at the office and in the sky as well. Last year I participated the 2nd Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta with the Jeans. I'm looking forward to come to Malaysia in March, because I love the typical Malaysian food (makan makan ;-), the nice temperature and the friendly people! To the organization I would like to say: Good luck next weeks! See you all in March!
Daan: Last year it was our first time in Malaysia and we were there with the special shape, the Bunch of Balloons. This balloon was only for tethering so we didn't fly. This year we will join with the Festo balloons and can finally see how beautiful Malaysia is from the sky. After last year we promised to come back because everything was very well organized and also our team(crew) was superb. During my study (1989) I got infected by ballooning. That was also the moment that I said I would like to fly once by myself. In 1992 I got my licence. Now I fly almost 19 years and have flown in 30 countries all over the world. (some of the countries are Bolivia, Dubai, Hungary, Finland, USA, Canada, Syria, Cyprus, China, India, South-Korea and Portugal)
I also organize a balloon fiesta in Holland and last year we had our 25th celebration with 125 balloons.
I'm looking forward to be part of the 3th Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta.
  • Balloon Pilot of 12 years
  • Registration : PH-OHI
Pilot for 12 years
I have been infected with the Balloonvirus around 1993. Since then I have been flying balloons all over the world, and as most "balloon-infected" persons say: "ballooning-time" is allways "fun-time".  I've never been to Malaysia and I'm looking forward flying in Malaysia, at the 3rd Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiësta 2011
  • Balloon Pilot of 20 years
  • Registration : N908KS
Pilot for 12 years
I have been infected with the Balloonvirus around 1993. Since then I have been flying balloons all over the world, and as most "balloon-infected" persons say: "ballooning-time" is allways "fun-time".  I've never been to Malaysia and I'm looking forward flying in Malaysia, at the 3rd Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiësta 2011
  • Balloon Pilot of 2 years
  • Registration : HS-FLY
  • Balloon Pilot of 3 years
  • Registration : -
  • Balloon Pilot of 23 years
  • Registration : OO-BMH
Ballooning all over the world, Netherlands, Luxemburg,Germany, Austria, Spain, England, Japan, Cross America in six week 1992, every year flights in the Alps, France, AlbeQuerque, Chicago worldchampions, Belgian champion 1995, world champion media balloon championship 1993, flying the special shape Panasonic Battery for three years and now flying the only special shape cloudhopper in the world, the biggest sleepsummet from sponsor the Nightstore well known in your country as the Maskot, the spiritual influence of your country attracks me, to make friends all over the world !! Thx Ballooning
  • Balloon Pilot of years
  • Registration : -
  • Balloon Pilot of years
  • Registration : -
  • Registration : 9M-BAH


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